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March Quote
The Dark Angel -

“There can be no light without darkness, and no darkness without light.”

Edwards, Janet. Perilous: Hive Mind A Prequel Novella (p. 86) Wallam-Crane Press. Kindle Edition.

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Featured: The Hive World
The Hive World - History
The first hives were relative small. They were marketed as a truly enclosed society. No pollution, no traffic, no criminals allowed in. All shopping and other amenities available.

Immediately perceived as a superior and safer environment. Huge demand for more. The first hives were extended and more were built with 70 to 210 levels. Other communities gradually abandoned.

Existing criminals were not allowed in, but new ones appeared. Large number of people packed close together became vulnerable to criminal nature. Crime and murder rates soared...


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Earth Prime - Upcoming Release

Provisional title and cover! Earth Prime will be a collection of stories.

Earth prime

Earth Prime

Next release will be a collection of short stories and one Novella set immediately after Earth Flight Not much information has been released yet, but the Novella will feature Jarra and the rest of the shorts will feature various other characters and how the events in the Earth Girl Trilogy effects them.

More information will be added as it is available.

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